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We've created a modern Indian fine dining experience brought to you by Curry Express of Belgrade (which was the first Indian restaurant in the valley). We bring traditionally made, mouthwatering flavors of India, for all our patrons. We hope you enjoy an experience in the  world of exotic flavors and recipes, that are...Simply Delicious.

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GREAT Indian food here! Some of the best I've ever had. We got all vegetarian and the dishes were fantastic. Can't wait to try some of the chicken and meat dishes. Amazing selection and food...this place is definitely a favorite.

Nalli Lamb Biryani.jpg

Delicious food, brought back memories of Delhi. We really enjoyed our biryani, chai, and Gobi 65!

Lamb Chop.jpg

Forget 5 stars, maybe at least 10. Absolutely fabulous food, atmosphere, and service. Garlic naan made by the gods themselves perhaps. Chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, lamb something something, all extremely lovely. The samosas took me back to old India and sold me on this place forever. Bravo, bellissimo, outstanding!!!

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